Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Author of novels, research works, 
articles on economics, politics, finance, and civilization; 
publisher, and software designer.
20 years of research


Every human being is an artist in some way. We are touched by beauty in its myriad forms. An artist, however, has two faces: that of a creator, and that of a publisher. Artists don't create works of beauty and then hide them away in a closet. Rather, they present their works to the world to enrich the human culture. The same is true for writers, researchers, engineers, architects, scientists, gardeners, homemakers, politicians, and so on.

In order to acknowledge the two faces that we all wear, as creators and publishers, I have associated my personal name with a second name, that of a publishing entity. The publishing (company) name is Cygni.

Cygni is also the name of a star which together with countless other stars illumines the universe.

About Cygni

 Against this background my website has been designed to focus on the often ignored fact that there are no final limits in the universe, nor in scientific perception and discovery. My choice is to seek the good that humanity embodies, that we all embody, which likewise is without limits. In this lies the beauty of life and the brilliance of it. In this we are rich, indeed.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

An Irregular Autobiography
Rolf Witzsche

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